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  • Version: 6.0

Free and Fun Software to Create GIFs

GIFs are some of the most popular forms of moving images on the Internet. Creating and modifying these clever files is now possible thanks to the software found at GifCam. Not only is this package very easy to use and free to download but it offers a host of functions not often seen in similar versions.

Practical Functions and Applications

GifCam can be used much like a traditional camera. You are able to drag the window over the desired video image and begin recording until you have captured the necessary frames. You can also add frames and remove images that may cause lag times. The updated version now supports keyboard inputs a handy advantage if you need to add integers such as the desired height and width or the frame rate. Once you are satisfied with the finished product you can save your GIF much like any other file and you are able to choose the file destination.

A Host of Possibilities

While GifCam is primarily designed for editing GIFs there are a number of other uses. You can create animated paintings you can modify and existing GIF to boast a more 'retro' appeal and you can now add text within the image itself.


  • A great program for those who are not familiar with image editing software.
  • As it is only 699 kilobytes it takes up little memory.


  • The last update occurred on 27 January 2016.
  • Newer operating systems might not recognise this software or there could be compatibility issues.

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GifCam 6.0 for Windows

User reviews about GifCam

  • Percent One

    by Percent One

    very small seze & dont need to install. if this support recording 10 secs 5 secs etc time or 5mb or 10mb size recording setting optMore

  • 宁 朱

    by 宁 朱

    Good software,it is small and powerfull,I Love it!!!!!!!Good software,it is small and powerfull,I Love it!!!!!!!

  • by Anonymous

    Quick and easy once you've learned all the features.. I have been using this for a long time now, the quality of the gifs varies but soMore

  • by Anonymous

    why this sofeware cannot use in mac. why the gifcam cannot used in mac , or you can recommend me a good software

  • by Anonymous

    best screen capture program. I have used gifcam for about a year and it is seemless, works perfectly every time.

  • by Anonymous

    Safe download, easy to use, and something I get for time and again.. I use this quite a bit, but never had it on this computer! So, I sMore

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